An informative conversation between Dames, from a bench in Washington Square Park. (We love you, New York.)

Q: So, people are asking, what is Dames?

A. Dames. Dames is an agency, founded by visual communications director Jemme Aldridge and creative marketing director Emilie Hawtin. A Dynamic Duo in today’s communications space, Dames provides smart, innovative and effective solutions to global brands of Style. 

Q: Cool, so how is this done?

A. We’re natural problem solvers, who elevate brands based on authenticity, human connection and a trust... that Curiosity leads to inspiration.

Q. Please, go on.

A. Using design, strategy and a knowledge of how to get things made– we apply these disciplines to an inclusive creative marketing perspective. Because let’s face it... one beautiful object or photo cannot shine Bright without a game plan.

Q: I say advertising, you say:

A. Sincerity... sincerity has recently become our favorite word. Through a creative psychology approach, we know how to correctly understand brands and how they wish to evolve. This leads to activations that Engage audiences... in a sincere way. 

Q: What's inspiring Dames this week?


- Peter Saville for Factory Records

- The Ego-less

- Deli flowers wrapped in ribbon

- The language of trees

- David Byrne’s American Utopia tour

- Autumn surf and sea

- Pistachio everything

- Biodynamic wine


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